Ford Taurus Complaints: Sticky Accelerators

Drivers of Ford Tauruses from 2005 and 2006 are potentially at a higher risk of an accident. The popular American sedan is currently being investigated due to an alleged faulty accelerator. Over a dozen complaints have involved a stuck accelerator.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet issued a recall of the Ford Taurus models, however the investigation is exploring the possibility of a faulty cruise control cable that could be responsible for the stuck accelerators.

Ford Taurus drivers who filed the accelerator complaints reportedly needed to turn off the engine or put the car in neutral in order to stop the vehicle. One complaint filed in the summer of 2010 involved a driver whose car continued to accelerate even after they took their foot off the pedal. Even with the brakes pushed to the full extent, the vehicle ran a red light and stopped in the middle of an intersection. Multiple complaints involve the cars running red lights.

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