For Babies About to be Born: How Big is Too Big?

New mothers can be the victim of medical error, and babies’ entire futures could be affected because of an instance of medical negligence at birth. With the unpredictable stressful situations in a hospital environment, staff may forget routine safety checks or medical providers might prescribe the wrong dosage. During labor and delivery, medical personnel may be racing the clock, especially if a mother-to-be has pre-existing health problems or if the baby is too large for vaginal delivery. Birth defects are possible for babies that are born through Cesarean delivery and natural birth; however delivery is much more complicated for women who deliver large babies naturally.

Too Big For Natural Birth

How big is too big though? Medical providers have size limits for babies who are too big for natural birth. Mothers-to-be can usually learn in advance what doctors’ recommendations are after an ultrasound. A doctors’ recommendation will hinge on the height and weight of the mother, and if she has any health concerns as well.

Forceps Injuries

If medical providers insist on a natural birth they may use tools, like forceps, to aid in the delivery process. During labor or birth, any pressure, like the pressure caused by forceps, on a baby’s facial area can cause nerve damage, cerebral palsy, skull fracture or other permanent damage to the baby—plus emotional damage to the mother and the baby’s family.

Babies and Anesthesia

If physicians recommend a Cesarean section, other complications are possible. Some babies are affected by the anesthesia given to the mothers during delivery. Mothers run the risk of excessive bleeding, which may require a blood transfusion, bladder injuries and blood clots. Also, mothers will have scar tissue that could create problems during future pregnancies or surgeries.

NC Birth Injury Attorneys

Families should be compensated for birth injuries caused by medical negligence. Contact NC birth injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates if your baby was harmed during the delivery process. Birth injury cases are brought against negligent medical providers who have caused cerebral palsy, forceps injuries, shoulder dystocia, umbilical cord issues, ruptured placenta and more. Call 800.849.5931 to schedule a free review of your NC birth injury claim.
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