Wake County Schools Football Safety

football injuriesFootball injuries can last a lifetime, and high school athletes have their entire lives and possible football careers ahead of them. Fortunately, in 2014 Wake County Schools will be the first district in the entire state of North Carolina to implement a football safety program.

The school is adopting USA Football's Heads Up Football program. This program instructs ways to minimize the risks that cause injuries among football players. In addition to proper hydration and equipment, the safety program shows players special tackle actions that may help prevent head and neck injuries by limiting helmet contact. The new program combined with a law that passed a few years ago will hopefully reduce the number of football injuries suffered by students. The North Carolina law passed in 2011 provides that middle school and high school football players who may have suffered a head injury must leave a game (or practice session) and not return until a medical professional has approved.

The new safety course packs a lot of information into a one-day program. Both middle schools and high schools are participating in the course.

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