Food Allergies: Filing Lawsuits for Injuries and Death

Children with anaphylactic allergies are at a much higher risk for experiencing a dangerous reaction to foods since they may not be old enough to understand different ingredients and they are exposed to a variety of snacks and foods from their friends at school and other activities. A serious anaphylactic reaction can be fatal in just a few moments.

Food allergy awareness is essential in schools, restaurants and workplaces. Most injuries and deaths associated with food allergy injuries occur because others were not aware of the person’s allergy.

Filing a lawsuit for food allergy injuries or wrongful death caused by someone’s negligent food preparation or handling requires extensive, complicated paperwork that is best handled by a Raleigh Injury Lawyer representing your best interests. Call 877-BRENT-ADAMS to schedule a review of your food allergy injury claim. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe should they come into contact with negligently prepared or supplied food:

  • If you or someone you know has a food allergy, learn about where they keep their epinephrine injectors. Epi-Pens are life-saving tools that need to be replaced annually. Each pen costs approximately $80.
  • Advise waitstaff or food providers of the allergy. Speak with management if you are concerned about the source and preparation of the foods you are purchasing. Managers can also get you in touch with food distributors so that you can directly verify the source of the food.
  • Wear a medical alert bracelet. Contact emergency numbers and medical help if you notice someone experiencing symptoms of a food allergy reaction, which include: trouble breathing, swelling of the throat, fainting, vomiting, confusion or lightheadedness.
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