First Woman Prosecuted Under “Run and You’re Done” Law

A Southern Pines officer arrested Devaney Alexa Ballard, 20, of Fayetteville after ran away from police officers. Ballard will be the first woman prosecuted under the “Run and You’re Done” law, which went into effect in early December 2011.

It was just after two in the afternoon when Ballard drove up to a traffic checkpoint in her Chevy Impala. She stopped and created a traffic backup, then sped off. Officers noticed there were three children in the back seat, but Ballard ignored the police sirens and lights and sped to an alleged 80MPH in a 35MPH zone. During the car chase Ballard threw a bag out of the car, which officers later recovered and discovered it contained marijuana. Officials also found marijuana in Ballard’s car. In addition to be prosecuted under the new “Run and You’re Done” Law, Ballard was also charged with resisting arrest, careless and reckless driving, impeding traffic, driving with a revoked license, failure to stop for lights and sirens, child restraint violation, child abuse, fleeing to elude arrest, possessing marijuana with the intent to sell and deliver, and simple drug possession.

What is the NC “Run and You’re Done” Law?

The NC “Run and You’re Done” Law allows authorities to confiscate a person’s vehicle and sell it if the person attempts to run from law enforcement officers. The law allows the State of North Carolina to hold possession of the vehicle until the driver’s case is complete, upon which the vehicle can be sold if the driver is found guilty. Money from selling vehicles through the “Run and You’re Done” Law will be used for North Carolina’s schools. Anyone who speeds to try to evade officers can be prosecuted under this new law.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Spokesman Mark Helms stated to the Richmond County Journal, “One consideration motorists should take into account is tint on their windows, because a person could borrow their vehicle, run from the police and get away, and the owner of the vehicle would be charged because the tint made officers unable to identify the driver.”

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