First Step in Filing Workers' Comp in North Carolina

workers comp lawyers in raleighWhen you have been injured at work, you may be too overwhelmed to focus on starting the workers' compensation benefits process. The only way to move forward with your workers' comp claim in North Carolina is take the first step. No, it's not calling a workers' comp lawyer in Raleigh. You may have already completed your initial step and are not aware. 

Your first step in establishing a workers' comp claim is seeking medical treatment for your work injury or illness. The important part about medical care for a work injury is that you need to tell the treating doctor or healthcare professional that your injury or illness is a result of your job duties or work environment. Medical documentation for work-related injuries and illnesses will be used to build your North Carolina workers' comp case.

Meeting with a doctor or other medical professional is not only important for managing your injury and your general health, but it also helps establish the initial date of treatment. The statute of limitations for injury claims related to North Carolina workers' comp is two years from the day the injured worker first receives treatment for their work-related injury.

After you have started receiving medical treatment, it's time to learn the next steps in your North Carolina workers' comp claim. Our workers' comp lawyers in Raleigh offer case evaluations at no cost. From filing your initial Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission and scheduling mediations, to helping appeal denied workers' comp claims and representing injured workers in court, our attorneys will be able to explain the answers to your questions. If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to a complimentary copy of attorney Brent Adams' book How to Get Top Dollars For Your Workers' Compensation Claim

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