Firepot Fuel Gels Recalled After Deaths

Gel-based fuels that power outdoor firepots have now been linked to two deaths. Manufacturers are recalling the fuel gels, which ignite and splatter as it's poured into a firepot. In some cases the gel forms a fireball. The splattering of the hot gel can cause severe burns and can also spread fires that lead to property damage and death. The recall involves over 2 million units of one-quart and one-gallon-sized fuel gel containers, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Commission (USCPC).

Fuel Gel Accidents in NC

Fuel gel is typically purchased with outdoor lighting firepots or decorative flames. The recalled fuel gels were responsible for two deaths, plus almost three dozen hospitalizations and 65 reported injuries. When poured, the gel acts almost like napalm, attaching to clothes and skin while continuing to burn. Standard stop-drop-and-roll extinguishing techniques proved unsuccessful. Second and third-degree burns were reported on chests, hands, arms, legs and even faces. The USCPC advises consumers not "to use or fix pourable gel fuel bottles with homemade remedies, or replace the fuel with other flammable materials."

NC Burn Injuries

Burn injuries may require extensive reconstructive surgeries, skin grafts and physical therapy. For severe accidents, victims may not be able to work right away and lose wages because of a fuel gel accident. Children have been critically injured by the fuel gel, one three-year-old suffered severe burns to her face and head.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries or property damage due to gel-based fuels, contact one of the accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates. The pourable fuel gels are responsible for innocent people's severe injuries and deaths. Our personal injury attorneys in the greater Raleigh area can help victims form a solid case for fair compensation.

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