Firefighters and Hearing Loss On-the-Job

hearing loss benefitsFire trucks are loud. The average person is disturbed by a fire truck siren's noise just in the short time it passes them. The siren's purpose is to alert anyone nearby of danger, however firefighters are exposed to sirens much more frequently and the noise exposure brings its own danger. 

A handful of firefighters have sued multiple makers of fire truck sirens after their on-the-job noise exposure caused hearing loss. The firefighters, located in Pittsburgh, are choosing not to sue the city, but instead are citing negligence of the manufacturers for failing to provide adequate warnings of the potential affects prolonged exposure to their sirens may cause. Our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers help individuals who have suffered hearing loss due to their work environment. Those who suffer occupational hearing loss usual have many questions:

  • I lost my hearing, can I still receive workers' comp benefits if I haven't worked around loud noises for many years?
  • What's the statute of limitations for hearing loss workers' comp claims in North Carolina?
  • Can I receive disability and workers' comp benefits for hearing loss that resulted from my job?

Our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers have the answers: Yes, two years from the date the hearing loss is diagnosed, and yes--if you qualify for both. (Learn about compensation for permanent impairments.) 

Occupational hearing loss claims are a unique work injury. Workers may have been exposed to loud noises every day, like firefighters, or they may have experienced an explosion or other loud event one time that results in hearing loss many years later. Although the cost of living with hearing loss may be overwhelming (cost of hearing aids, lost work or inability to maintain employment in the same field, medical tests and care), fortunately our Raleigh workers' comp lawyers have no fee for initial consultations. Our attorneys do not get paid until you do. Schedule a consult with one of our workers' comp lawyers in Raleigh, request a free copy of Brent Adams' book on North Carolina workers' compensation, and learn more about workers' compensation benefits for hearing loss in North Carolina.

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