Find Fault in a NC Bike Accident

Bike accidents cause serious injuries to cyclists since the only form of protection is a helmet—if the bike rider chooses to wear one. After you’ve been injured in a bike crash, how do you determine who is responsible for your medical bills, rehab, disability or lost wages?

NC Bike Accidents

First determine the cause of your bike accident. Was it caused by a negligent driver, a defective product, obstruction in the road, hazardous condition of property? If your bike accident did not involve a negligent driver of a car, truck or bus, you may have an injury case against the bike manufacturer or retailer of the bike itself, accessories or parts. Our NC bike accident attorneys will research your bike model and its accessories to see if recalls or similar accidents have been reported.

Bike Accident Analysis

Take note of where the accident happened. Was the road poorly maintained or did construction crews leave debris in a bike lane? NC county, city or state officials may be responsible for negligent care of roadways. Take photos of the accident scene as soon as possible, or contact a bike accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates to document the area for you. After a close review of the accident scene, our accident attorneys may be able to see other signs of negligence. Perhaps landscaping or architecture in the area the accident took place obstructed the driver’s view. Brent Adams & Associates will find every way possible to represent your rights, exercise the law in your best interests and fight for the highest compensation allowed for your injury claim. Call a NC bike accident attorney at 800.849.5931 to schedule a review of your bike accident claim.
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