Filling Out Return to Work Forms When Going Back to Work

You will need to fill out and submit a return to work form when your doctor gives you the okay to return to work following a work injury. Although these are often generic forms, North Carolina has a specific form that you must use. Contact an attorney in Raleigh who handles workers’ compensation claims for more information. 

Filling Out the Return to Work Form 

North Carolina uses two return to work forms. Form 28, ‘Return to Work Report’, must be filled out by the employee and employer. This form is used for employees who have fully returned to work after a work injury and are not on a trial period. 

Employees returning to work are entitled to a trial period. If you have restrictions, the limit is nine months. Those released by physician without any restrictions are limited to a 45-day trial period. 

What to Expect on the Return to Work Form 

The form asks for the employee’s personal information, as well as information about the employer, such as name, address and insurance information. The employer must sign the form and it must be mailed to the North Carolina Industrial Commission. 

If the employee is returning to work on a trial basis, he or she must use Form 28T, ‘Notice of Termination of Compensation by Reason of Trial Return to Work.’ This form requires most of the same information, but instead informs the workers’ compensation office that the employee is returning on a trial basis only. 

Legal Assistance When Filing Workers’ Compensation 

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), about four out of every 100 workers were injured in workplace accidents in 2010, although this is a decrease from nearly 11 incidents per 100 workers in 1972. After a work injury, your daily life may focus on treating your injury and regaining strength so you can recover and return to work  

If you need legal assistance with the workers’ compensation process or have questions about return to work forms and what it means for benefits, contact Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney Brent Adams. Call 1-800-849-5931 to set up a consultation.

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