Fox 59 reports that filing for disability may soon become harder. The new regulations that have been passed are doing away with the "treating-physician rule." This rule required insurance adjustors to "give significant weight to a physician's report" when determining the benefits awarded to an applicant.

The new rule is not supposed to give "added weight" to those who are determining if the applicant is disabled. This means they are no longer allowed to receive information from other agencies such as the Department of Veteran's Affairs, according to Fox 59.

Disability attorney, Charles Hankey, states, "It's worrisome the way that trends are going, but a truly disabled person is going to be declared disabled if the case is properly put together and the facts are laid out and available."

The Social Security Administration has recently reported that the number of people receiving disability has decreased for the first time in thirty years. This is due to the decrease in approvals that have been granted by the Administration. As of now, there are 8.8 million people receiving benefits.

Charles Hankey predicts the new regulations will affect benefit approvals, but he does no believe people who truly need disability will not receive it. 

For more information about the Social Security Administration's new regulations, click here.


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