Fayetteville Pedestrian Killed

A recent Fayetteville car crash killed a pedestrian. The Fayetteville car accident took place near the entrance to the Marathon Four Way store on Stoney Point Road.

Car Wreck in Fayetteville

According to The Fayetteville Observer, "the truck traveled 100 feet in the direction of the Stoney Point Fire Department, crashed through a chain-link fence, rolled over and came to rest on its side in a front yard." The car wreck damaged another vehicle and caused a power line to fall and trapped the driver in the vehicle. Officials later transported the driver to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. Although the car accident took place near a high school in Fayetteville, none of the people involved with the crash were students.

This follows another nearby pedestrian death in Raleigh from a car crash on I-440 one week prior. The man, Bruce Huffman, Jr., was hit by a truck while he was walking on the center lanes of the Interstate between Six Forks Road and Wake Forest Road.

Raleigh Car Crash Attorneys

Raleigh personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates often hear about fatal accidents like these Fayetteville and Raleigh car crashes when they help clients pursue compensation for wrongful death claims. Car accidents involving pedestrians--and bicyclists--require a close understanding of North Carolina state traffic laws. Liability in a car accident can fall on more than one individual. Sometimes pedestrians are at full or partial fault, like the man walking in the center lane of I-440 in Raleigh. Our car accident lawyers work out of Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville and can answer your car crash claim questions, review your case and explain how car accident litigation works in North Carolina.

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