Fayetteville Motorcycle Crash: Left Turns are Deadly

A fatal motorcycle accident near Fayetteville involved a negligent truck driver. The Raeford motorcycle accident was caused by Charles Madison, 63, the driver of a Ford F-150.

Motorcycle Accidents in NC

Madison was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. Motorcycle rider, Edward Griener, a thirty-two-year-old man from Pennsylvania, collided with Madison’s truck as the truck made a left turn into an apartment complex. Griener was wearing a helmet, however the motorcycle accident caused other injuries that resulted in his death.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle drivers are at a much higher risk of injury than standard vehicle drivers and passengers. Motorcycles leave their riders fully vulnerable to impacts from collision that often have fatal results or severe brain trauma, spinal injuries and internal damage that cause life-changing health problems and long-term treatments.

Fayetteville Motorcycle Accident

The mild winter in North Carolina combined with warmer spring temperatures will bring a higher number of motorcycle drivers on NC roads, which means a higher chance of accidents. Motorcycle riders should be extra cautious at intersections. The fatal motorcycle accident near Fayetteville that killed Griener happened near an intersection.

Raleigh Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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