Fayetteville Car Crash With Pedestrians

A Florida couple was hit by a pickup truck recently. The truck accident took place in Fayetteville just after dusk. The couple, George and Clare Deangelis, was walking when the 2003 Chevy collided with them. The driver, Samuel Gilmore, was not injured and was not charged. The couple were sent to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where George is still in critical condition and Clare was not able to survive the night.

Car Accident Lawyers

Personal injury attorneys in Fayetteville, Dunn and Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates handle car crash cases where victims were injured due to another's negligence. The truck driver's wife confirmed that he had been talking on his cell phone at the time he hit the Deangelis couple. Police have stated the couple had been walking back to their hotel after visiting a convenience store and crossed the street without seeing the truck. Although more details about the Fayetteville car accident have not been released--Did the truck have it's headlights on? Was the truck speeding? Was the couple vision-impaired?--the Deangelis family should be compensated for their medical costs, pain and suffering from the injuries sustained from the crash and Clare's wrongful death.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics NC

Car accidents with pedestrians kill 4,000-5,000 people and injure over 60,000 more, according to the National Highway Traffic Association. The NHTA reports a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every 8 minutes. For any type of accident, whether with pedestrians, another car or a motorcycle accident, the most dangerous times of day to drive are at dawn and dusk when lighting is not optimal. The Deangelis couple was hit just after sunset around 7:30PM.

Car Accident Attorneys

Car crash lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates will review your accident case and discuss how personal injury laws will affect the compensation you're entitled to. Lost wages, medical bills, post-accident medical treatments, pain and suffering and emotional distress are all compensatory issues that innocent car crash victims should pursue. Contact one of our car accident attorneys to learn more about your car wreck claim.

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