Faulty Car Repairs in Dunn

Victims of North Carolina car accidents may juggle physical therapy recovery visits and lost wages. While they wait for their injury claim to be settled, and if their vehicle was not a total loss, they may choose to have their vehicle repaired. Insurance adjusters will estimate the damage and calculate the amount of money the vehicle owner will receive to complete repairs. 

Does the vehicle owner have to use a repair shop chosen by the insurance company? Will the insurance company deny coverage of costs if the vehicle owner chooses after-market parts for repairs? No and no. However, when an auto repair business states and bills for new parts, but the owner discovers the work was not complete, additional compensation must be made to the vehicle owner in a separate claim.

dunn faulty car repair

Collision Safety Consultants, a North Carolina company dedicated to inspecting auto repair work, recently reviewed a vehicle that received faulty car repairs in Dunn. On the outside, the vehicle looked spotless with no evidence of a collision whatsoever. When inspectors removed the bumper cover to inspect the repair work, the rear body panel nearly fell off. They discovered rust on parts that were allegedly welded less than a week before, indicating proper welding was never completed. The shop responsible for the faulty car repairs in Dunn billed approximately $4,700 for the work, according to Collision Safety Consultants. After the investigation, the shop is now paying the vehicle owner for the entire cost of the vehicle.

Faulty car repairs put vehicle owners at risk, as well as other drivers on the road. If a vehicle is not repaired properly, parts may fall off while driving and could result in loss of control or other hazardous driving conditions. If the vehicle is ever in another collision, the integrity of the structure may be compromised due to faulty repair work and the car accident victims may suffer injuries that could have been avoided with proper professional level auto body work. North Carolina car crash victims don't need a car accident lawyer solely for their injury claim - if they believe they are experiencing any type of loss, whether faulty repair work or defective parts, our Raleigh and Dunn lawyers can help process a claim.

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