Last week in Clarkton, North Carolina, a young mother was horrified to find her 9-day-old baby girl face down on the kitchen floor with severe dog bite wounds. The infant, Addyson Paige Camerino, later died at a nearby hospital of her dog attack injuries, which the Bladen County Sheriff's Office believes were caused by one or more of the family's five dogs. Officials believe that no one witnessed the tragic animal attack.

While authorities have said they are not yet sure if anyone is to blame for the fatal North Carolina dog attack, this sad incident does provide a learning opportunity for anyone who has a young baby or child. Even if you believe that your family pet would never harm your baby - and even if your dog has never acted aggressively toward humans or other animals - you should never leave your child alone and unsupervised with a dog.

It can be difficult to think that you can't trust your dog to be alone with your child, but you should never forget that half of all dog bite victims are children and a significant number of dog attacks involve a pet that the victim is familiar with.

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