Faster Drug Approval: More Medical Error?

New drug approval procedures may speed up the approval process for prescription medications. Drugs typically take 10-15 years and cost $1 billion each before they hit the market, according to the News & Observer. Making the drug approval process faster means more drugs will be available, more lives will be improved or saved, and pharmaceutical companies will reap more financial gain. But does the faster drug approval process mean corners will be cut and drugs not as thoroughly researched?

The potential new federal drug approval process is proposed through the TREAT Act. The TREAT Act sets out to “accelerate the review and approval process for medicines that treat an unmet medical need or significantly advance the standard of care for people suffering from deadly diseases,” according to the same News & Observer report. The proposed bill would make it easier for smaller biotech firms in NC and around the country to bring drugs to the market. The opportunities for new business and improved patient healthcare would be significantly greater. However, drug safety is at the forefront of the Food and Drug Administration’s agenda, and without the FDA’s approval, the new TREAT Act won’t get new drug prescriptions filled any faster. The FDA’s concerns are as valid as consumers’ concerns: What if a bad drug makes it to market and hurts or kills innocent people? To respond to these concerns, the FDA is currently working on a plan to maintain the safe standards set forth with the new faster drug approval bill.

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