Many vehicular accidents occur across the U.S. which result in financial, emotional, and physical distress for the victims. Unfortunately, if a victim receives fatal personal injuries in an accident, there are some insurance companies which will choose to act in a manner which is insensitive to the needs of family members left behind to carry the burden.

Many families are required to deal with the inconveniences of collecting on policies in which the liability of an insurance company is plainly outlined.

In one recent case, the husband and family of a father died because of a tragic accident in Texas. A qualified, experienced personal injury attorney was hired in order to collect on the multiple insurance policies that had been obtained for the wife and children of the victim. A good personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that the case is settled in your family’s best interest while avoiding the emotional distress often associated with filing a lawsuit.

Recently, the case was settled, allowing them to collect the maximum recovery limits for all of the insurance companies involved for a total of more than $1 million. Three different insurance companies were involved without the family being forced to go to trial.

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