Family Of 'Walmart Stampede' Victim Files Suit

wrongful death lawsuitsThe family of a temporary Walmart holiday worker who died on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, from personal injuries he sustained after being trampled by a stampede of bargain-hunting shoppers, has filed a wrongful death suit. The family named the county's police department as one of the defendants.


Elsie Damour Phillipe filed suit on December 3 in New York Supreme Court against Walmart and the Long Island mall where her brother Jdimytai Damour died while working. She is the court-appointed administrator of his estate.


Officials estimate about 2,000 customers came streaming into the store, causing Damour's fatal injuries. In addition to being crushed, the glass doors broke and created the danger of lacerations. A handful of shoppers, including a pregnant woman, survived injuries sustained in the stampede.


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