Family Files Suit Against Landlord For Moldy Home

When it comes to tenants who have mold injuries and illness claims in North Carolina, our lawyers help victims collect the evidence they need to prove their landlord was aware of the mold problems and negligently failed to properly correct the issue. (Sometimes mold develops in the workplace, learn more about what workers affected by mold can do to pursue compensation.)


A woman and her son have filed a personal injury suit against their landlord, alleging that mold growing in their home caused them to become ill. According to the suit Cynthia McVay filed individually and behalf of her minor son, Joseph McVay, against John Stephen Nobles, they rented the property from Nobles and discovered mold all over the house after moving in.


The complaint says that the plaintiffs reported the problem to Nobles, who promised to correct the hazard. But, the suit says, he never remedied the problem, causing the McVays to fall ill and suffer respiratory problems.


The suit also claims that the plaintiffs suffered severe physical and mental pain and anguish and incurred medical expenses.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of Nobles for failure to properly maintain the premises, failure to provide adequate warning, failure to properly inspect the premises, failure to remedy the dangerous condition, and failure to properly instruct his employees to place a warning sign on the premises.


In a case like this it is important that victims communicate in writing with their landlord so that hard evidence can be shown in court. Medical bills and a statement from physicians addressing the victims' health problems and directly relating illnesses to mold problems is another piece of important evidence. Schedule a complimentary case evaluation with one of our injury lawyers to learn more.

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