Twelve movie extras have filed a personal injury suit seeking damages of $11 million from actor Tom Cruise and his production company for the broken bones, cuts, and bruises they sustained while filming the upcoming World War Two film “Valkyrie” in Berlin, Germany a year ago.


The extras sustained their injuries on August 19 of last year when the side panel of a period German army truck burst open while rounding a corner.


An attorney for the extras said that witness statements reveal that the panel on the truck was not properly secured.


At the time of the accident, Cruise was not on the set.


One attorney for the extras said that a letter had been sent to Tom Cruise, Cruise’s business partner, Paula Wagner, and production company United Artists laying out the facts of the case and placed a figure on the extras’ demands.


The film, “Valkyrie” draws its title from the codename used for a plot to assassinate Adolph Hitler devised during World Wart Two by senior German military officers. The film is being produced under the United Artists division of MGM Studios. UA is run by Cruise and Wagner.

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