Incomplete combustion from too much fuel being released than can be burned efficiently has caused the Electrolux Home Products Company to recall its Electrolux ICON and Kenmore Pro 30 gas ranges. The incorrect part that releases too much fuel can cause the release of carbon monoxide, posing a risk to consumers using the ranges of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Although Electrolux has received reports of carbon monoxide being released by the affected ranges, no injuries have been reported.

Consumers with these ranges should immediately stop using the range’s oven, although the cooktop and broiler can still be safely used. Contact Electrolux or Sears for a free repair. The specific ranges were sold between August 2008 through October 2009 at major appliance retailers nationwide, and sold for between $2500 and $3500.

For more information please contact Sears at 1-800-733-2299, or Electrolux at 1-888-360-8557.

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