According to a news release from police in Danville, Virginia, an 8-year-old boy suffered personal injuries on July 10 when he was bitten by a Rottweiler.

The boy received hospital transport with injuries that were serious, but not believed to be life-threatening.

According to the release, the boy saw that the dog was not on its chain and knew who the owner was, so he went to the owner’s house to tell them.

A woman who resides at the house retrieved the dog and was walking it back to the house when it broke out of her grasp and attacked the boy.

The boy was bitten several times on the limbs, torso, and back. The woman was able to stop the attack by beating the dog off of the boy.

Police were contacted about the attack and responded at approximately 1:45 p.m. The dog was transported to the Danville Area Humane Society.

An investigation is to be conducted before charges are filed.

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