Durham Tractor-Trailer Crash: Police Injured

Officer Gilliam followed standard police protocol and had her vehicle’s blue lights flashing when she stopped the other vehicle. However, the driver of a tractor-trailer, Charles Caldwell, failed to follow North Carolina state law and move out of the right lane, which is mandated whenever a law enforcement vehicle is stopped on the side of a multi-lane road.


Caldwell was not only breaking the state law by failing to move out of the right lane, but he was also speeding. Caldwell’s truck rear-ended Officer Gilliam’s patrol car, sandwiching it between the car she had stopped. Officer Gilliam was critically injured due to Caldwell’s negligence. Caldwell’s behavior observed by medical staff just after the accident is symptomatic of someone who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol; however test results have not been released at the time of this writing.


What are your rights in a tractor trailer crash?


Liability is much more complex in a truck crash than a typical car accident. The truck driver may have been negligent and didn’t follow traffic instructions, or the trucking company may be liable for overworking the driver, not allowing enough stops, resulting in the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Other issues like inadequate maintenance, overloading and failure to repair or replace parts could also be factors that caused the truck crash.


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