Durham Bus Crash Causes Multiple Injuries

A Durham Area Transit Authority bus and a van crashed into each other in mid-June. At least ten people suffered injuries from the NC bus accident. The Durham car accident took place at the intersection of Blackwell and Pettigrew.


This isn’t the first time that a DATA bus was involved in an accident. In 2004 a DATA bus driver was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The crash killed pedestrian and Duke Alumna Katherine McClary.


Bus accidents made headlines recently when NC-based bus charter companies were the target of an investigation. Multiple charter bus accidents prompted authorities to send cease and desist letters to bus operators, but the operators started running their businesses under alternate names to stay in business. The crashes were allegedly caused by overworked and fatigued drivers who fell asleep at the wheel.


NC bus accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help bus accident victims with their fight to receive the compensation they deserve. Bus companies operate under complex insurance policies. Most times, accident victims have a difficult time receiving their deserved compensation to cover medical treatment, ongoing recovery expenses and wages lost from time away from work while they get well.


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