Dunn Social Security Disability Attorney Explains SSD Benefits for Children in North Carolina

Millions of minor children receive social security disability benefits every month because they have a parent who is deceased, retired, or disabled. The benefits are important to these families, as they allow children to finish school and prepare for their future. To get help with getting benefits for your child, consult a Dunn Social Security disability attorney 

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a child must have: 

  • a parent who is retired or disabled and entitled to benefits; or
  • a deceased parent who worked long enough to pay social security taxes. 


The child must also meet the following requirements: 

  • be unmarried
  • be under 18 years of age or a high school student younger than 19 years of age; or
  • be 18 years of age or older and disabled (with a disability that occurred before 22 years of age). 


To apply for Social Security disability benefits, you will need Social Security numbers of the child and the parent(s), as well as the child’s birth certificate. If the child is disabled, medical proof of disability is required. A child can receive 50% of their parent’s disability or retirement benefits. If the parent has died, the child can receive 75% of their parent’s basic Social Security benefit. 

Contact a Dunn Social Security Disability Attorney 

If you have questions about whether your children qualify for Social Security disability benefits, contact an attorney at Brent Adams & Associates who have 30 years of experience helping clients obtain the compensation they need and deserve. To schedule a FREE consultation, contact his office today at 1-800-849-5931.

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