The Story of Vance Jennings at Brent Adams and Associates

In October of 1970, I was a second-year student at Wake Forest University School of Law.  Among the new students who came to the law school as a member of the first-year law students was a young man named Ed Jennings from Taylorsville.  I did not know Mr. Jennings initially, but over the next 2 years at the law school I had some classes with him and got to know him, and we developed a strong friendship.  Ed Jennings is very studious and studied hard.

I did not know then what a positive effect Ed Jennings would have on me, my family, and the thousands of Social Security disability claimants that would come through our office for help with their disability cases.Vance Jennings NC Social Security Disability Attorney

Vance Jennings, 15 Years at Brent Adams and Associates 

Fast forward 34 years when a young man came to my office and applied for a position with our firm.  The young man was Vance Jennings, Ed's son.

I knew that Ed Jennings was a very successful lawyer in Forsyth and Alamance Counties.  After a distinguished career in law school, Ed took a position with the United States Attorneys' Office and prosecuted cases out of their Greensboro office.  Thereafter, Ed was recruited to work at the premier plaintiffs' law firm in Winston-Salem, White and Crumpler. After several years, Ed decided to open his own law office in Winston-Salem, as well as an office in his home town of Taylorsville.  Both these offices were extremely successful, and Ed developed a reputation in that area as being one of the finest lawyers of his time. In this day of specialization both in the medical and law fields, Ed was an anomaly in that he handled a wide variety of cases and did so extremely well.

I was surprised and flattered that young Vance Jennings would be interested in working with me in Dunn, North Carolina.  I did not need to look at his resume or see a transcript with his grades from law school. When I learned that he was Ed Jennings' son, that's all I needed to know.

I immediately hired Vance, and I am so glad that I did.

Social Security Disability Attorney You Can Trust

From Day 1, Vance needed almost no training.  I gave him our Social Security disability cases, and he immediately began getting enormously successful wins for our disability clients.  Eventually, Vance limited his practice to Social Security disability, as well as private disability policies/insurance including ERISA cases.

It's hard to believe that Vance has been with me now for 15 years.  Time flies. 

If you need to speak with a disability lawyer in North Carolina, I highly suggest you contact Vance at the Brent Adams and Associates office

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