Dunn, NC Breed Ban Proposal

The Harnett Animal Welfare Coalition posted a copy of a Dunn Daily Record article detailing a new proposal that would ban pit bulls starting in the summer of 2012. The dangerous dog breed proposal was presented by Dunn Police Chief Jones, who hopes “it will provoke city leaders to deal with the issue of pit bulls in Dunn.” Jones explained in the article that a couple of pit bulls were shot because of their vicious attacks.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

This potential new breed-specific legislation comes on the heels of Cumberland County’s denial of a “bully breed” law. The safety and well-being of innocent people are prompting officials to consider a law that may prevent injuries and save lives. Special enclosures and leash laws will be in place for owners of pit bulls if the law gets passed. Jail time and hefty fines will face anyone who violates the breed ban law.

Dog Attacks in Harnett County

Past dog attacks in Harnett County have involved young children. Two separate incidents were cited along with the proposal, one fatal and the other detailing a seven-year-old girl who experienced over 200 bites from a pit bull.

NC Pit Bull Ban

North Carolina currently doesn’t have an active pit bull ban, so this would be the first of its kind in the state if it gets approved. Problems about accurate breed identification will be discussed and reviewed along with the proposal.

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