Dunn Disability Attorney Explains How to File for Social Security Disability

Speak with a Dunn disability attorney if you are worried that your initial Social Security disability claim will be denied, as is the case with many claims the first time around. A lawyer can help you through the complicated and difficult claims process. 

The steps necessary when filing for Social Security disability benefits include: 

  • review the adult disability checklist, which provides a list of the things you will need to gather;
  • fill out an application online or at your local Social Security Administration office;
  • fill out the adult disability report, which includes several sections related to medical and work information, and more;
  • complete form SSA-827, which authorizes disclosure of your medical information;
  • wait for a decision; and
  • receive and evaluate the decision – if approved, you will be informed of when benefits will begin, or if denied you must decide whether to appeal. 

The process may take months to complete, and it may depend in part on how prepared you are when you file your initial application. If it is not filled out correctly or on time, it could cause a delay. 

It can be a challenge to understand Social Security disability, and the strict requirements that must be met in order to qualify. This is where an attorney may be able to help.  

To learn more about your rights, contact the team of Social Security disability attorneys at Brent & Adams Associates. Our law firm serves residents in Dunn,Fayetteville,Raleigh and other cities throughout the state ofNorth Carolina. Contact us today at 800-849-5931.

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