A bar that served a police officer alcohol have agreed to pay a total of $2.25 million, which is the limit of their insurance policies, to compensate the families of four young people killed and a man injured in an traffic crash.

A wrongful-death case was brought against the off duty police officer by the families of the dead victims’ families and the survivor of the crash. The police officer who was off duty at the time, drank a high quantity of alcohol at a restaurant and bar, and then drove her car into oncoming traffic. The officer is now awaiting a criminal trial on manslaughter charges.

The officer is at fault based on allegation of drunk driving and also driving on the wrong side of the road. Her blood-alcohol content, according to the investigation officers, was 0.169% there hours after the crash. The legal limit for drunk driving in the state is 0.08%.

The parents are also suing the restaurant because it’s employees knew that the officer was intoxicated and failed to stop her from driving or call her a cab. Interestingly, the restaurant is in a strip mall about 1,000 feet from the police station. Also it is alleged that the bar workers still served the officer alcohol despite her slurred speech and unsteady gait.

Under the state’s "dram shop law", a bar or restaurant can be held liable for injury or death cause later by inebriated patron.

The suit was filed on June 15th; six days after the criminal charges were brought against the officer. The officer faces four counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter, plus one count of second-degree assault for injuries sufferd by the other car's driver. The police department put the officer of unpaid suspension after the charges were filed. The crash occurred at 1:45am on March 21st when the officer's Mitsubishi collided with a Honda. This case is a horrible reminder that drinking and driving never pays and often results in innocent lives being lost.


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