Driving While Texting, Eating…Breastfeeding?

Almost everyone has seen someone, or been guilty of, using a cell phone while driving. Most people have been in a rush and have eaten meals behind their wheel too. Both of these activities compromise the driver’s ability to react and safely navigate their vehicle. The risk for a car accident increases tremendously when hands are off the steering wheel, the driver’s mind is focusing on responding to a text or trying not to spill a soda, plus they lose eye contact with the road. According to the DMV, eighty percent of crashes are due to a distracted driver.

One can only imagine the risks involved when a woman decides to breastfeed while she is driving. A Sun Sentinel correspondent, Michael Turnbell, wrote a recent article about bizarre driving habits witnessed by other drivers. One account in Florida involved a woman driving an SUV while simultaneously breastfeeding an infant. Many laws are being broken by this woman’s alleged actions and by anyone who behaves in such a way that endangers the life of a child. Children, depending on their age and size, are required by law to be fastened safely in child car seat. It is mandatory for infants to be secured in a child safety seat. The celebrity snafu several years ago that involved Britney Spears driving with one of her sons on her lap caused a heated dialogue about negligent parental care.

Driving safer means maintaining healthy habits. How can you prevent causing a car accident? Make better choices everyday and they will add up. Encourage your friends and family to practice better healthy driving habits.

* Turn off your cell phone while driving.
* Stop and take time to eat meals when you’re not behind the wheel.
* Don’t drive when you’re tired.
* Make sure children are safely buckled in appropriate car seats.

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