Driver Killed in Wreck

Benjamin Cruz of Newton Grove, was killed in an accident Saturday, October 11. According to reports, Cruz failed to stop at the intersection of N.C. 96 at Godwin Lake Road in Meadow, North Carolina. It appears Cruz did not slow down when another driver, Doneen Bohan of Dunn, entered the intersection.
Bohan, the driver of this truck, crashed into the side of Cruz’s Toyota sedan. Both vehicles came to rest on shoulder of N.C. 96.
Bohan was transported to Duke Medical Center where she was hospitalized. Ryan Peck of Dunn, a passenger in Bohan’s vehicle, was admitted to the Neuro-Intensive Care unit at WakeMed.
Both Bohan and Peck might be able to recover money from Cruz’s insurance company (if he was insured), due to the negligence described in accident reports. Learn about accident cases that involve underinsured or uninsured motorists. Claims against a deceased negligent party generally attach to the decedent's estate, which our attorneys can explain more about during a complimentary and confidential consultation.

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