2015 Drive Safely Work Week #PlanAhead

drive safely work weekEach year the nationwide campaign 'Drive Safely Work Week' takes place, drawing attention to work-related motor vehicle accidents. More than 19,000 people have died in work-related vehicle accidents over the past decade. Some of these accidents occur on public roads, others on highways, and some crashes involve a pedestrian.

During the week of October 5, 2015, employers around the country participating with this campaign emphasize vehicle safety, employee training, policy review, explain accident reporting procedures, and make efforts to help minimize work injury risk.

Employers should routinely review company vehicle policies with workers, as well as maintain a safe vehicle fleet. Workers who are not properly trained or who operate vehicles that have not been service timely or repaired properly might risk their personal safety and the safety of others.

In cases where an employer has failed to provide adequate training or vehicle repair, accident evidence can help establish liability. Companies with work vehicles should maintain maintenance logs, inspection reports, and files of repair/parts receipts. In some circumstances, the employee might learn that the company acted diligently with repair work, but the vehicle manufacturer may have created or installed a faulty or defective part.

Our Raleigh injury lawyers have experience with third party claims as well. For example, if the employee was in a vehicle crash caused by another negligent driver, the worker might qualify for workers' comp benefits in addition to damages from the negligent driver's insurance. All possible areas of liability can be discussed during a complimentary case evaluation with one of our attorneys.

During Drive Safely Work Week, take time to share your experiences with #PlanAhead on social media, and follow our Raleigh injury lawyers on Twitter @brentadamslaw and Facebook.

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