After a vicious attack by a pair of American bulldog-pit bull mix dogs in the backyard of a San Jose, California homeowner’s backyard on November 3, the dogs were killed, two men were arrested, and an animal control officer is recovering from the personal injuries she suffered as a result of being bitten nine times.


After the dogs attacked the animal control officer, Denise Friedrich, at approximately 8 a.m., a San Jose police officer fired 11 rounds into the animals, according to authorities. Both of the dogs died and two men, both of whom have been cited five previous times for their dangerous pets, were arrested.


Police identified the men as 27-year-old Lorenzo Garcia and 29-year-old Jesus Francisco Guzman.


The incident started with homeowner Bikramjit Singh contacting authorities in hopes of having the dogs that had entered his backyard removed, according to San Jose fire Capt. Barry Stallard.


Singh informed the authorities that the dogs had strayed onto his property at least half a dozen times.


Upon Friedrich’s arrival, she began to enter the backyard, when one of the dogs began to attack her. As she used a baton to fight back, the other dog attacked, according to Stallard.


A police officer who was in the front yard heard Friedrich screaming and rushed to her aid. Initially, he didn’t shoot because both dogs were on top of her. But when the dogs, “Sharky” and “Chief,” lunged in his direction, he opened fire.

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