According to CBS, one-quarter of the 19 million veterans in America have a disability. Some of those veterans rely on the support from therapy dogs. A nonprofit organization called "Hero Dogs" has helped several veterans find therapy dogs. 

Training is challenging and therapy dogs are hard to find. Jennifer Lund, the founder of "Hero Dogs" started the organization six years ago. Training takes about three years. It takes dogs several years to learn how to respond to the signs of PTSD, and since every veteran is different, the therapy dog has to go through extensive training to learn how to react when their owner is anxious.

Lund explains that once dogs form a bond with their owner, the dog learns how to respond when their owner is experiencing anxiety. Jennifer Lund tells CBS that she looks for energetic puppies who are "not bothered by much" to go through therapy training. 

"Hero Dogs" is committed to matching veterans with disabilities to a loving and caring therapy dog. If you are a veteran interested in adopting a therapy dog, click here to receive more information. 

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