Dog Owner Could Be Cause of Fatal Car Accident

A NC dog owner, once identified, might face wrongful death charges after a young man was killed in a Wake County car accident.


A 27-year-old man, Jonathan Sanders, was hit by a car after he ran into the street trying to get away from an aggressive dog. Although the dog did not bite or make physical contact with Sanders, the potential attack could track back to its owners and their negligence.


Sometimes leashes and fences are not enough to keep a dog from endangering innocent people. Inadequate fencing or a history of dog attacks could play a role in forming an injury case. Sub-par fencing doesn’t necessarily mean a plank is missing or rotten in a wooden fence, or a hole dug under a metal fence; poorly maintained electric fencing could also be an issue. (In which case, the dog owners may make a separate defective product case with the electric fence manufacturer.)


Although Sanders’ death was a direct result of the vehicle collision, a case may come to light framing the dog owners as the main cause of the accident. If their dog had been properly confined, Sanders would not have had a reason to flee for safety and run into the street. On another note, the dog owners may not face any charges if they had left their dog in the care of a dogsitter or trainer at the time of the dog’s escape. The person responsible for the dog at the time of the accident could be targeted with liability. NC dog bite attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help victims of dog bites receive the compensation they need to pay for high medical bills, reconstructive surgeries, loss of limb use and lost wages.

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