A police officer from Sharon Township, Ohio sustained personal injuries from a dog biting him while making a routine traffic stop on July 6. The camera in the police cruiser of Officer Russel Baron, the officer who sustained the puncture wounds, captured the attack.


Baron said that he pulled over a car along U.S. Route 23 and immediately noticed that there was a pit bull in the back seat of the car that seemed agitated. He said he then asked the driver to roll the back seat window up, which the driver complied with.


Baron said that the dog appeared to calm down as he approached. As Baron was preparing to give the driver a warning, the back window suddenly rolled down and he was bitten on the arm by the dog.


He said he was unaware that the window was open again until he felt a burning sensation on his arm. Once he felt that, he knew he had been bitten.


Baron at first believed the driver had rolled the window down intentionally, but after a review by the Sharon Township police it was learned that the dog’s paw pressed the button to roll the window down.


Baron received minor injuries from the bite and said he hopes the video will send a message to those traveling with dogs. He said that he was glad that it was him that was bitten, rather than a small child.

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