On January 6, a UPS delivery man suffered personal injuries, losing the tip of his right index finger, after being bitten by a dog in Rock Springs, Wisconsin.


According to a report from the Sauk County, Wisconsin Sheriff’s Department, 50-year-old Richard Hehenberger was injured when he was bitten on the hand by a more than 100 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback while delivering a package to the residence of Rebecca Mellenthin.


According to Mellenthin, as Hehenberger went to set the packages down on the step, the dog broke free of her hold, lunged at him, and bit the tip of his finger off.


The report said the tip of Hehenberger’s finger was kept in a glove and placed in Mellenthin’s freezer and the rest of the finger and hand were wrapped in gauze until medical personnel arrived.


Hehenberger received ambulance transport to St. Clare Hospital in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The Sauk County Humane Society ran several tests to confirm that the dog was current with its rabies shot and other vaccinations.


According to Sauk County Humane Society director, anything from Hehenberger getting close to the dog’s face or the dog simply wanting to play with the packages being delivered could have caused the attack.

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