Dog Bites Boy 60 Times

 A 7 year


-old boy of Sylvia, was bitten 60 times by a dog and suffered severe injuries to his neck, throat and face. The boy’s voice box was punctured, causing him to be unable to talk.


Dalton Mathis was listed in critical but stable condition At Mission Hospital, Sunday evening. The young boy will have to under-go numerous surgeries as a result of the attack.


Jennifer Roberts, the boy’s mother, said Dalton came in from school on Thursday afternoon and went back outside to play. A Shar-Pei-chow mix, weighing 100 pounds, had broken his chain and attacked the boy.


The dog had never shown a violent nature and was accustomed to children.


Jackson County sheriff’s deputies and the Highway Patrol troopers tried to contain the dog for the animal control officers. The dog was shot by the deputies.
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