Idaho resident Lonnie Holloway was examining a potential construction job recently when he was attacked and bitten on the stomach by a large dog at the Boise, Idaho home, causing him to sustain personal injuries. He fought back by poking the dog in its eyes and fled when it released him.


While Holloway was receiving treatment for his wounds at a hospital emergency room, the dog’s owners took it to Washington state, far away from the jurisdiction of animal control in Boise. He was understandably upset by the move.


The dog’s owner, 19-year-old Caitlynn Leach, a sophomore at Boise State University, received a misdemeanor vicious dog citation.


But according to Idaho Humane Society executive director Jeff Rosenthal, there’s not much else he can do about a dog that is taken across county or state lines.


According to Leach, the dog lives with her parents in the Seattle area. She said that when the attack happened, her parents were helping her move in to the place she was renting.


Leach says here parents had planned to leave the same day as the attack and were not attempting to flee with the dog. She said she has no plans to bring the dog back to Boise and there is no way Holloway or Boise Animal Control can compel her to bring it back for assessment and possible punitive action.

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