On December 22, 2-year-old Liam Perk of Cape Coral, Florida died from the personal injuries he suffered when one of his family’s two pet Weimaraners bit him on the neck.


Perk underwent treatment from emergency personnel shortly before 8 a.m. at the family’s home before he was rushed to Cape Coral Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, according to Cape police spokeswoman Connie Barron.


Barron said the cause of the dog attacking the toddler is unknown. She said Perk simply walked past the dog when it attacked.


Both of the dogs were confiscated by Lee County Animal Services. According to Chief Adam Leath, the parents will have to decide the dogs’ fate, especially the one that attacked their son. Leath said Animal Services had received no prior complaints about the dogs.


Leath said that if the family wants to keep the dog, Animal Services will have to determine whether it still poses a threat. If they decide to give up the dog, agency officials will have to decide if it is safe to put up for adoption or if it needs to be euthanized.

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