In Cumberland County, a lady was recently attacked by two Great Danes while jogging. ABC 11 reports that one bite was so severe, it damaged her spinal cord.

The attack occurred on Sunnyfield Lane in Linden. The victim, Monica Stephenson, was sent to UNC Hospital to receive treatment for the bites she received to her face, legs, and neck.

According to ABC 11, the two dogs, "Olaf" and "Nora," belonged to Stephenson's neighbor, Scott Nesbitt. After the attack, county officials claimed Nesbitt was horrified by the incident and gave his dogs up to be euthanized. 

Great Danes are not typically aggressive, but Dr. John Lauby claims dogs can return to what is identified as "pack behavior" at any time.

He states: "When you have more than one dog, there's a leader of the pack and the rest follow. So if the leader decides to chase something, the other follows. In this case, they saw something running and the pack says 'prey. Go get it.' And when they get it, what do they do? They kill prey and that's what they were trying to do. They were trying to kill her."

The Cumberland County Animal Services Center claims they investigate 1,200 dog-bite cases a year. County officials want to remind people to carry something with them, such as a stick or golf club, when they go walking or running, so they can defend themself in the case of an emergency.

However, Lauby states this type of protection would not be necessary if dog owners secured their pets properly.

The dogs have been euthanized and the owner could face a fine. The case remains under investigation.

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