Dog Attack Defense: What to Do When a Dog Attacks

Many people panic and do not know what to do when a dog attacks. When it comes to dog attack defense, remember that your safety is the ultimate priority. Most states have laws justifying any means of protecting yourself or others from an attacking dog, including killing the animal. 

Dog bites are the fifth most frequent cause of Emergency Room visits for children, and each year 368,000 people visit the hospital because of a dog bite injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a recent editorial, the Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer, urged state and municipal lawmakers to enact tougher law to protect urban dog bite victims. By knowing how to protect yourself, you can hopefully avoid dog bite attack consequences. 

Self-Defense When Attacked 

Dog attack defense can be a muddy area, legally speaking. It is usually legal to do anything, even kill the dog if it is the only way to stop the attack, in order to defend yourself or others who are being attacked. Killing or harming a dog in retaliation, however, is not allowed. 

While it is legal to kill a dog that is attacking person or livestock, remember that hunting down and killing a dog after the attack is never legal. Instead, you may pursue legal action to recover damages, with which an attorney in Dunn like Brent Adams may assist. You should also probably inform the police of the attack. 

What to Do When a Dog Attack Causes Injury 

Make sure you have the names and contact information of the dog’s owner and anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Just like a car accident, this information will be important and relevant if you plan to take legal action in the future. You may need witnesses to back up your version of the events. 

Prevention of dog bites is the best way to handle these situations, so understanding how to possibly avoid a dog bite can be beneficial. But also make sure you know what to do when a dog attacks.

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