Does Travel Protection or Travel Insurance Cover My Injuries?

How do travel insurance policies work if you or your family are injured while on vacation?


Depending on the type of injury or illness you experience, you are entitled to the coverage outlined in your travel insurance policy. If you are having trouble receiving reimbursements or coverage for injuries sustained during your course of travel when the policy was in effect, an insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help you file a claim and receive the payout you’re due.


Most travel insurance policies, or travel protection plans, provide coverage for food poisoning, dental emergencies, unexpected emergency medical care costs, medical emergency transportation expenses, life insurance for your dependents should you pass away while traveling and more.


If you have a policy that covers the above items and you slip-and-fall in a foreign country, are taken in an ambulance to a hospital where emergency dental work is performed, and receive no compensation or not enough compensation from your travel insurance provider like they outlined in their policy, you may have a valid insurance dispute claim. Some factors that may affect a claim in this example may be how and where the slip-and-fall victim fell. Was the victim behaving in a dangerous manner? Did the fall happen on a property that was negligently maintained?


Don’t let insurance companies intimidate you and don’t accept the first offer they make. Insurance dispute attorneys help negotiate payouts and hold the insurance company liable for the coverage they outlined in their policy.

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