Although our nursing home neglect lawyers in Raleigh handle cases exclusively in North Carolina, we read about an interesting case in another area we thought would be interesting for our injured clients to learn about:

A physician with a documented history of neglect is still practicing medicine and “tending” to elderly patients in the hospital and nursing home community.

In 2000, the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners put Dr. Stan Worley on five years probation when several patients under his care died at the O’Hara Nursing Home in Denver. Dr. Worley was a staff physician at the nursing home when sanctioned by the board. Dr. Worley was sued by one family of a deceased resident but the case was settled. O’Hara has since closed. Six years later, Dr. Worley was a staff physician at the Cherry Creek Nursing Center in Aurora when yet another fatality occurred under his watch:

On September 8, 2006, 82-year-old Frank Andrade was discharged from a hospital and sent to Cherry Creek for rehabilitation for hip surgery. Concerned about her father’s dehydration from diarrhea, Rachel Belmudez asked Dr. Worley if her father was strong enough for the transfer. She said the doctor said, "He's good to go."

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment investigation reported Andrade worsened that day. At 9:15AM, the 82-year-old began to cough uncontrollably. A nurse summoned Dr. Worley, who was on the telephone but refused to hang up, according to the nurse. "There was no question in this case that he delayed care," the nurse testified.

Court documents showed Andrade struggled to breathe and his lungs filled with fluid. Forty-five minutes later, Dr. Worley finally came to Andrade’s aid. When nurses asked if Andrade should be taken to a hospital, Dr. Worley reportedly said, "What the hospital can do, we can do here."

The Andrade family said that at 12:30PM, nurses again summoned Dr. Worley. At 1PM, Andrade finally was taken to a hospital, where doctors determined the 82-year-old was in septic shock and had a “mucous plug” in his lungs. He died eight hours later.

The Andrade family's case against Dr. Worley and Cherry Creek Nursing Center is pending.

This doctor is HORRIBLE!!!!! recently while under his care my mother's health declined rapidly due to infections she developed while at his facility. She became septic with an UTI, developed a bedsore that had MRSA, osteomyelitis in a toe THEY bumped on a doorframe. Not to mention he started treating mom for dementia, depression, and gave her a sleeping pill all in the same day without consulting the family! Once we were given a print out of medication to have our pharmacist review, and discovered the doctors shady past, we pulled mom out of that facility! Not even 12 hrs after we moved her, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital with no blood pressure, and a very rapid heart rate. It was then that we discovered she was septic with the UTI, had MRSA, and the infection in her toe. If she would have received the proper care, and the UA we requested on SAT she mostly wouldn't have gone septic the following weekend. Now that mom is finally stable after more than 15 weeks of a rollercoaster, I'm making it my mission to get this dipdork out of practice before he causes someone elses death!
by KDC February 9, 2014 at 10:25 PM
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