Distracted Drivers Cause Wrongful Death

Distracted drivers were responsible for 5,500 deaths of innocent people in 2009, according to National Traffic Safety Authority reports. Almost a half million people were injured. People are guilty of reckless driving behavior whether they are driving while intoxicated, answering a cell phone or operating a GPS system while operating a motor vehicle. Any distraction that takes the driver's attention away from the road can cause a life-threatening accident for themselves, their passengers and innocent people on the road.

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There are more drivers on the road now than ever before. These drivers have more distractions now than ever. Even with North Carolina's hands-free phone laws and no-texting-while-driving laws, residents are guilty of breaking these rules every day. Authorities have the right to request phone records of anyone involved in an accident. The records can prove if a driver was guilty of sending or receiving a call just before the accident.

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New apps for smartphones are available that prevent calls and text messages from being received while a vehicle is being operated. Smartphone users are still able to dial 911, use the GPS navigation app and also have the ability to approve a handful of numbers that can bypass the app should they be expecting an important message. The apps disengage alerts so that drivers won't be distracted and compelled to check their messages while on the road. Some, but not all of these new applications, can be activated whenever the phone is moving at more than 10 MPH. Although great for everyone to use, these new apps would be a great fit for truckers and teens, which are responsible for the largest statistics in vehicle fatalities. For parents of teens, some features alert parents if their children violate the app's restrictions.

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