David Shulkin, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, is attempting to pass a mandate that would allow veterans with dishonorable discharges to receive disability benefits. Many are wondering why.

If the mandate passes, veterans who were discharged with assault or cocaine will now obtain benefits if they claim to have suicidal thoughts at a VA hospital or while visiting a doctor. 

Shulkin stated in a press release: "We know the rate of death by suicide among veterans who do not use VA care is increasing at a greater rate than veterans who use VA care."

InsideNova estimates that 22 veterans commit suicide daily and this should be of concern. But what will this expansion of care mean for the VA?

Several officials are asking Shulkin for more information.

Bob Thomas, Marine Veteran, states: "Does the good order and discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice now go out the window with respect to the honorable service require for receiving benefits?"

The main concern is that with the increase of people receiving care, veterans with honorable discharges will not get the care they deserve.

First District Representative, Rob Wittman, chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces says: "If mental health problems were brought on through a veteran's service and led to the dishonorable discharge, that is one thing. If a veteran committed a violent crime, which led to their dishonorable discharge, that is quite another."

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