A dentist from Illinois has filed a personal injury suit on Monday, April 21 against NBA franchise the Chicago Bulls over a high-five gone wrong with the team’s mascot, Benny the Bull. According to Dr. Don Kalant, Sr., he was sitting near courtside on February 12 when he raised his arm to receive a high-five from Barry Anderson, the man inside the bright red, fuzzy costume that portrays the mascot.

However, according to Kalant, who is an oral surgeon, instead of slapping his palm, Anderson allegedly grabbed his arm as he fell forward, resulting in a hyperextension of his arm and his biceps muscle rupturing, according to the suit Kalant filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

Kalant remained in his seat for the remainder of the game but later had to undergo a surgical procedure and alleges that he is likely to miss as much as fourth months of work. Kalant filed the suit seeking damages for medical bills, physical pain, and loss of earnings that he did not specify. According to the claims of the suit, Anderson was negligent through either falling forward while grabbing the hand of a fan, or “running out of control” through the crowd, reported the Chicago Tribune.

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