Dementia and Car Accidents: Don’t Neglect the Elderly

Families try hard to keep relatives with dementia from driving. Dementia and driving is a very serious and sensitive issue. Families want to ensure their loved one’s independence and dignity, but at the same time they want to keep safety in mind. The driver-to-passenger transition is often a stressful time, but very necessary for seniors suffering dementia. Sometimes wandering seniors with memory problems accidentally get a hold of car keys. They may forget where they’re going, how to get home, or how to correctly drive. Negligent nursing home care or poor supervision by caregivers can cause this type of dangerous situation.

Dementia and Driving

A man suffering went missing from his home in Virginia and caused a fatal car crash in North Carolina. The 79-year-old man drove an SUV down Interstate-95 and stopped his vehicle in one of the traffic lanes in the middle of the night, according to local news reports. Another car with three occupants struck the elderly man’s SUV who later died at a hospital due to his injuries.

NC Nursing Home Neglect

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