Delayed Claims: Failing to Report Income Information

One of the main reasons a Social Security disability claim may be delayed or denied is failure to report all of your income and resources. This is especially true for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as a decision on your benefit amount is based upon your available income and resources. 

SSI benefits are calculated based on financial hardship and need. Your income and resources must be disclosed in your Social Security disability benefit application so the Social Security Administration (SSA) can make your eligibility determination. 

The information you provide must be complete and accurate, as it is a substantial part of making the final decision for your disability benefit eligibility. 

When you work with a Fayetteville Social Security disability attorney as you apply for SSI benefits they can help you determine all of the necessary evidence of income and resources you are required to supply. In the case of SSI, child support is considered income that is used in determining your level of need and should be reported. 

Failure to report income sources such as child support or rental income can cause your disability claim to be delayed or denied. When dealing with more complex financial situations such as child support as you apply for disability benefits, talk with an attorney to help make sure you’re providing the proper information.  

Get Experienced Help with Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim 

With so much information asked of you when filing for Social Security disability benefits it’s easy to see how many claims can be unfairly denied because of lack of evidence and support. Instead of trying to gather all the documentation and evidence of your work history and disabling conditions, let a Fayetteville Social Security disability attorney help you through the process. 

At Brent Adams & Associates our team of disability and personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help clients with many types of legal cases where injury or disability is an issue. From car accidents to veterans’ disability appeals, we help our clients seek the benefits and compensation they are entitled to when they become injured or disabled. 

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